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Wix vs. WordPress – A detailed comparison to help you select the best out of the two

Wix vs. WordPress - A detailed comparison to help you select the best out of the two

Wix vs. WordPress is a difficult part of the discussion since both of the platforms have their own pros and cons.

WordPress was started as a blogging platform for content lovers and now WordPress’ market share is 43% of all websites. Now WordPress is the all-time favorite of small business owners and bloggers.

Similarly, Wix, founded in 2006 offers cloud-based web development services. WordPress allows its users to create responsive HTML5 websites by using drag and drop tools.

If you are the one who is also confused between both of the platforms. We are here with a detailed comparison that will help you decide which platform will be best suited for your business.

We are in the development industry for the last 12 years. We have developed hundreds of websites using WordPress and Wix. So it’s easy for us to represent the real statistics and help you select one.

Let`s explore the major points of difference between Wix and WordPress.


WordPress pricing – Rs.160 to Rs.1152.

WordPress is an open-source platform and using WordPress CMS is completely free.But if you are building a professional website you need to spend some extra money on your own

  • Hosting provider
  • Custom Domain name
  • Custom theme
  • Premium Plugins and Apps.

Wix Pricing – Rs.80rs – Rs.385

Wix offers a completely free website with a Wix-powered domain name e.g username.wix.com/sitename and some advertisements.
Each premium plan of Wix has different storage and bandwidth limitations which can be billed monthly or annually.

We can clearly estimate that WordPress is slightly more expensive than Wix. Wix is an affordable option for small business owners who are looking for a simple website with basic features.
WordPress is a power-packed solution for small to enterprises level businesses with more freedom to customization and addon features.


When it comes to deciding one from both WordPress and Wix, it will be hard to choose one because both are very easy-to-use platforms to create beautiful websites.

But if you are new in the development field you will find WordPress a little complex since WordPress offers a wide range of options and functionality to create professional-looking websites or e-commerce stores.

WordPress offers pre-built themes and blocks with drag and drop functionality. Also, you can use other third-party page builders like Elementor, Divi, WP-Bakery for WordPress where you can customize the appearance of the pages more easily.

Design Options:-

WordPress and Wix both are great in terms of design. But WordPress is much better than Wix when it comes to design options. WordPress has thousands of pre-built themes and prebuilt blocks that you can easily customize with drag and drop functionality.

If you can`t find a theme that you are looking for then you can purchase premium themes from third-party websites like ThemeForest which is a plus for WordPress.
However WordPress offers more design options than Wix but creating WordPress using WordPress is a bit more complex, because WordPress is built for professionals. A newbie can use WordPress for creating a website but only for limited areas. Whereas Wix is more flexible in terms of designing.

Apps and Plugins:-

Thousands of prebuilt apps and plugins which are fully tested and ready to use for WordPress are present.

On the other hand, there are prebuilt plugins and apps for Wix as well well, but WordPress is the clear winner in this section.

Thousands of plugins and apps are available for free to use. But if you need some extra features then you can purchase premium plugins created by others.

SEO friendliness:-

If you are creating a website then you are after SEO at the end and you want to rank your website and push your content to your users. Both WordPress and Wix are great for SEO since both of the platforms are built by keeping the SEO factor in mind.

You can use a lot of free plugins for SEO in WordPress like Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and All In One SEO to make your website SEO Friendly. Where Wix offers inbuilt functionality for SEO. It offers inbuilt options for integrating all the SEO tools like Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster, Google tags managers, etc. Where WordPress is a bit complex and you need to implement the code in the theme files of the website.


Security is another major factor and point of comparison between the two platforms. Since every platform has some loophole, we can say that there is no platform that is 100% secure. One can only make their website secure by taking some proven steps and techniques.

Website builders like Wix are often had built-in security because the main function of the native code is not accessible by users, hence the security breaches are less.

WordPress is being hacked in the past many times, but it doesn’t mean that it is not secure. With small precautions and security steps, you can make it difficult for hacked to interrupt your security. You need to keep your WordPress updated to the latest version, use additional security plugins, configure advanced security and keep a regular check.


It completely depends upon you which platform is suitable for you and provides the best value. Each platform has its own limitations and advantages.

However, WordPress is still the favorite platform with an unlimited selection of themes, plugins, and functions. WordPress has unlimited possibilities and design options. Also, WordPress spends a lot of money in research and development to step up with the latest technology and trends.

So it’s better to go with a powerful platform like WordPress that provides infinite options to customize..

Table of Comparision:-

Feature WordPress Wix Winner
No of themes 8000+ Free Themes 800+ Free Themes WordPress
Useability Complex to use Easy To use Wix
Design Complex Design Options Easy Design Options Wix
Apps & Plugins 52,000 plugins 200+ Apps WordPress
SEO Friendly Yes Yes Tie
Security Less Secure More Secure Wix
Cost Rs.160 + ongoing fee Rs. 125/Month only Wix
Mobile-Friendly Yes Yes Tie

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