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Laravel vs WordPress – 7 most Valuable differences which may concern you

Laravel vs WordPress - 7 most Valuable differences

In this guide, we will list all the possible points of difference between Laravel and WordPress.

And we will try to answer all of your questions about which platform should you use for your business. So let`s dive in now. WordPress is PHP based content management system whereas Laravel is one of the frameworks of PHP, it is a flexible, straightforward syntax coding framework.
WordPress requires less development experience than Laravel because in WordPress you can easily get thousands of pre-built themes and plugins for additional functionalities.

Cost:- Cost is a good factor to compare Laravel and WordPress. An average website built on WordPress may cost you around $50 – $1k whereas a Laravel website may cost you $1k – 100k. The difference in the cost is that you need to build everything from scratch with an experienced Laravel developer, which will cost you some extra dollars.

Security:- Security is also one of the most important factors these days, as more and more cyber attacks are taking place. Laravel uses a Bcrypt hashing algorithm to protect your website and make it difficult for hackers to hack your website. If you go with Laravel then there are very rare chances of getting hacked than WordPress. You need to take some extra measures to prevent your WordPress site from getting hacked.

Business Size:- Business size is something that may concern you. WordPress was first launched as a platform to manage content/blogs. Now WordPress is used by small business owners to showcase their services and capture leads. Whereas Laravel is used by big E-commerce businesses, complicated and complex backend systems, and custom-made product designs. Laravel is also helpful in creating mobile apps.

Customization:- With WordPress you can only customize your system to a certain limit, but with Laravel, you can customize each and every part of your system, from custom themes to custom functionality, and customize the plugins.

Website Speed:- Speed of the website is also an important factor. WordPress websites always load slowly because we always use pre-built themes and plugins for additional functionality. Which increases the whole website loading speed. But with Laravel, we need not worry about the website speed. Because everything is custom-built and no third-party apps or themes are used.

Themes and plugins:- In WordPress there are thousands of free/paid prebuilt themes available which can be used according to the industry or category of the business. We can also use plugins from WordPress or third-party creators. Plugins help a user to add features to their website without knowing a single line of coding.
But if you are using Laravel you have no option of pre-built themes. If you are not much into coding then, you will be fully dependent on a Laravel Developer who will help you with the appearance, features, and functionalities of your website.

Built-in-capabilities:- Laravel has some built-in functions like Laravel is fast, simple, secure, great for traffic handling, flexible, and easy third-party integration which is really helpful. Similarly, WordPress also has some inbuilt capabilities like user-friendly, flexible, open-source, SEO Optimized, responsive on any device and you can easily scale it up. It`s all up to you which function you are looking for in your CMS.

Final conclusion

After calculating all of the factors we can easily select one of the two platforms for our business.
If you are looking for just a website to showcase your services and blogs at a cheaper cost then you should go with WordPress, but if you are into E-commerce business or required a custom web application or you manage some complex backed processes and tasks, then Laravel is best suited for your needs. You can hire an expert to get all the design and development needs completed.

You can also get in touch with our tech team at 610 Web Lab to discuss your requirements and get a quotation according to your business needs.

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