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WHMCS Digital

WHMCS Digital is one of the leading WHMCS Development companies based in Mohali India, providing WHMCS services, modules, and themes to clients worldwide. Founded with the vision of providing unmatched and powerful WHMCS solutions to help clients manage their web hosting business easily and precisely.



Client's requirements and problems:

A website with super-fast loading time
An Elegant website with modern design
A system Integration with WHMCS
User friendly and highly converting website

Our Research and Development:

To understand the requirements of the client we had detailed calls with the client To make this project a complete success without a single error. We have undergone a deep analysis and research about WHMCS and the integration process. We have worked to integrate two domains with a seamless user experience.


Fast Loading Website:- For a fast-loading website we don`t use any CMS like WordPress and Shopify etc. because usually, CMS comes with its prebuilt themes, plugins, and core files, which ultimately adds to the loading time and affects the speed of the website. We built the whole website by only using PHP and HTML.

Custom Theme:- For WHMCS Digital we used a completely custom theme with custom fields styling according to the requirements of the client. We built the whole website from scratch by creating each block and field in HTML and PHP

WHMCS Integration:- Integration of WHMCS with the website was a major challenge. WHMCS is used for almost all the backed processes like support, cart, and quote requests. Even the products were integrated with WHMCS so that the management becomes easy and seamless.
All the leads collected by the website are managed in the back using WHMCS.

Sub-domain for blogs:- Now another challenge was to store the blogs on the website. Either we need to create custom templates for the blogs and adding content to the website via HTML template was not a good option for the client, because he is not aware of HTML or coding.
For the convenience of our client, we Created a subdomain especially for blogs (https://whmcsdigital.com/blog/) and integrated the subdomain with the main website keeping both the domains similar in looks and functionality. We have to make sure that the switching between domains looks error-free Using a WordPress subdomain did not affect the website speed which was a plus.

Feedback integration:- We integrated all the feedbacks from Google, Trustpilot, and Upwork. All the reviews are dynamically integrated, which means there is no need to update the review again and again.


At the end of the design and development process, we built a completely refined and new website with the latest technology integrated and modern design. We achieved the goal and fulfilled all the design and feature requirements of the client.