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Smooth Online

Smooth was founded in 2020 in a bid to mix up the world of Estate agencies and bring something new to the table. Their aim is to transform the old-school generalized opinion of Estate Agents by shaking up the way we work.

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Client's requirements and problems:

Attractive Design:- A modern and attractive design was the first demand of the client. He was looking for a website design that attracts customers.

Easy Navigation and property search filters:- Client was looking for a website design that is easy to navigate through and customers can search and find properties through hundreds of properties listed on the website.

Custom Product Pages:- The client was looking for a custom design for product pages (Property listing pages).

Our Research and Development:

Started with an analysis of the requirements and goals of the client. We have researched all the latest themes which could fit his business category. Also the plugins for the additional features our client was looking for.


  • Figma Design:- To satisfy all the design needs of our client we have created a mock-up of the website on Figma. The motive of the mockup design was to demonstrate the prebuilt picture of the website, and if he needs some changes in the design or he wants to replace or modify any section then we can easily work according to him.
  • Page Builder:- To build the pages and construct the structure of the website, we have used Elementor Pro. We have leveraged the latest elements and design functionality of Elementor Pro to build a best-in-class website with a modern look.
  • Plugin & Addons:- To manage the property listings we have used the Property hive plugin. It’s a platform allowing you to integrate property search into any website, new or existing. With premium addons of Property Hive, you can easily select the features to show on your website.
  • Data Synchronization:- With Property Hive we have made data management a whole lot more easy so that our client can list new properties on the website, record the owner’s information and sync with the property, collect the buyer`s information, and much more on his own.


We are happy to deliver a polished website with the latest design and functionalities. The website is fully optimized for users and search engines as well. Users can browse and select from thousands of property listings on the website.

The website is designed so that clients can easily manage the property listings, owners’ information, and buyers’ data on their own without any external help.