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Ralle UK

Ralle Uk is a team of automotive-obsessed people who are digital strategists, videographers, designers, media planners, photographers, editors, sound designers, and ultimately creatives who wish to define the world of content.



Client's requirements and problems:

The client was in need of an elegant website for his business. His target was to showcase his work and gather some leads for his business

  • An elegant website with a modern look
  • Custom header section for each page i.e About, Blog, and Projects pages.
  • A website with highly engaging and converting design
  • Use of Video banners
  • Website with faster loading speed

Our Research and Development:

Before getting started with the development process we undergo a deep analysis of the ideas and requirements of the clients. We have noted down all the major challenges of the projects that we need to solve during the design and development of the project. We undergo long and detailed client calls to visualize the final outcome.


Use of Elementor Page Builder:- We have used Elementor page builder for professional blocks and fields. We have customized every section according to the requirements of the client. With element. We have made the website visually appealing and aesthetically beautiful.

Custom Page Templates:- We have created custom page designs and templates for the website to make each and every project page look different from one another.

Video Popups:- Pop-ups for videos are one of the features that we have installed on the website to increase the interest of the visitors and keep them on the website for longer durations.
We used Youtube hosted videos to decrease the page size and leave the loading time of the website un-affected. We customized the styling and function of the Youtube like autoplay is removed, videos continue to play on repeat and the quality of the videos remains the same each time when the website is opened

Custom Project pages:- Each of the project pages is custom created using the advanced block feature of Elementor. We have used high-quality images and videos to make the project page more elegant and attractive.


At the end of the design and development process, we built a completely fresh and new website with an enhanced look and feel.
We achieved the goal of and fulfilled all the design and feature requirements of the client.