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Green Vision Materials

GreenVision is an e-commerce store that deals in Landscape Materials. They supply superior materials including mulch, topsoil, humus, wood chips, gravel, compost, etc.

They have created a website to sell their products and services like – Yard waste disposal, Mobile Grinding & screening, Product packaging, mulch blower, etc.



Client's requirements and problems:

The client came to us with the requirements of his Shopify store customization and some third-party integrations for shipping. He had some other requirements which are listed below.

E-commerce store Re-design:- The first requirement of the client is that he was looking for a complete store redesign. He wanted some fresh look with the most delinquent design.

Shipping Calculator:- We have integrated a shipping calculator on the cart page, according to the client`s requirements. The shipping calculator helps customers view the charges they are going to pay for shipping in a specific area in Ohio.

Customized design:- Even though the client had purchased a paid theme from Shopify but he was looking for some extra customization in the theme and pages. He was looking for the latest design and sections.

Our Research and Development:

Before getting started with the redesigning work we undergo an analysis of the latest Shopify store design and trends. We had a discussion with the client to understand his vision and the goals he wants to achieve. Once we had clear instructions only then we started with the designing process.

We have used the latest tools for designing i.e Figma, so that client can easily track and share his suggestion on particular sections. 


Customized Homepage and Product Pages:- According to the requirements of the client, we have redesigned the homepage and product page. The homepage of the store was redesigned with a vision to provide the most informative and engaging user experience to the customers.

Cart Page Customization:- We have customized the cart page of the store according to the requirements of the business. We also added a calendar on the cart page, that allows customers to select the desired dates for their delivery and integrated it with the shipping system.

Third-Party Shipping Integration:- Third-party shipping rules were also integrated which was an important factor for the store.


At the end of the design and development process, we provided our client with a polished website with a completely fresh and new design and user experience.
We achieved the goal and fulfilled all the design and feature requirements of the client.