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Clarion Coolers

Clarion is an e-commerce store selling coolers online for the Indian Market. Clarion coolers were conceived in 1982. Ever since then, the company has embarked on a journey of innovation. With its introduction into the domestic & industrial market, Clarion produces Coolers that represent the high standards of quality of the company. Clarion has a large inventory of products to choose from.



Client's requirements and problems:

The client was looking for an affordable solution to create an online store. He is required to have A website with custom fields and functionality. He was more focused to have a responsive website across different devices with a fast-loading speed.

Also, the inventory of the products was created for two different industries i.e. Domestic & Industrial. The client asked to create different pages for different industries as selected by the user.

Our Research and Development:

Before getting started with the development process we undergo a deep analysis of the ideas and requirements of the clients. We have noted down all the major challenges of the projects that we need to solve during the design and development of the project. We undergo long and detailed client calls to visualize the final outcome.


This project was a challenge since the website is built in WordPress and woo-commerce is used to manage products. We could have used page builders, and other plugins to create pages and functionality but according to clients’ requirements, he was looking for a website with a fast-loading speed and custom functionality. So, we have used the following to meet the client’s requirements.

  1. Custom Woo-commerce theme: – As the client was looking to have custom fields and functionality, our team of developers created a custom Woo-commerce theme.
  2. Advanced Custom Fields: – We have used the Advanced custom field to create different fields and blocks on the website. With custom functionality like advanced product filters
  3. Custom Product Tabs: – We created custom product tabs to showcase the product information like description, specifications, and features.
  4. Use of Cookies:- Our Developers used cookies to provide content dynamically according to the selection of the user whether he select domestic or industrial


After all the hustle and days of hard work, we created a high-end and polished website. The website is fully optimized for users and search engines as well.

We used an advanced and clean coding style to create a custom lightweight and very fast-loading website.

The website is designed so that clients can easily manage the inventory, orders, and payments on their own without any external help.