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Hotbox is a UK-based small business that sells portable storage solutions for hot-desking, home, and office working. global expert and leader in designing portable storage solutions for busy professionals and hard-working people. They sell their products worldwide with sales centers in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.



Client's requirements and problems:

The client came to us with his requirements and asked us to provide custom development solutions for the project. The client was looking to build a single website for multiple countries having custom fields and functionality.

Our Research and Development:

Before getting started with the development process we undergo a deep analysis of the project scope and identify the main problems of the projects that we need to solve with our design and development services. We have taken client calls to discuss the project in detail.

Then we conceptualize and note down all the pros and cons of the project, then we have to create a final approach. Continue to read more.


Our team of developers and industry experts analyzed the requirements and provided the best solution to the client. 

Since the project owner had only selected a limited number of products, we decided to go with a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce to finish the project under the client’s budget.

  1. Custom Development – ACF – We created custom product pages for each product by using advanced custom fields to showcase the features, built quality, and highlights of the products.
  2. Single website for multiple countries: We have managed to create a single website for multiple countries by using cookies that create a smooth browsing experience while switching countries on the website.
  3. Hassle-free website and great user experience: Be Hot Box is a website that has a great user experience with a feature-rich interface. We have created custom product pages that.


We created a beautiful and professional online store with integrated tools to help the owner in easy management of the products, orders & payments. We have demonstrated our expertise and industry experience by providing custom fields development according to the client’s requirements. We have created a hustle-free single website for multiple countries.