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Aberdeen Sewing Machines is a UK-based company that deals in a variety of domestic & industrial sewing, embroidery, and knitting machinery. Aberdeen Sewing Machines have a vast interest in innovation and they are constantly working for the development of new and modern technology in the textiles industry.
Within a short period of time, they became the first choice for buyers in the UK since they are providing amazing customer service.



Client's requirements and problems:

The client came to us with his requirements that challenge us to create a polished and unmatched web design and development. He was looking for custom fields and functionalities for his website. He also asked us to create detailed and custom products pages.

The major challenge for us was creating a part-finder solution for thousands of his products. His vision was to create a customer-oriented E-commerce website that enables customers to shop online flawlessly from his website.

Our Research and Development:

Before getting started with the development process we undergo a deep analysis of the ideas and requirements of the clients. We have noted down all the major challenges of the projects that we need to solve during the design and development of the project. We undergo long and detailed client calls to visualize the final outcome.


To build a low-cost yet professional E-commerce store we have used WordPress with Wo-commerce and Elementor page builder. We were using a page builder but most of the fields and functions are custom created.

The Old website was used in WordPress multisite setup, which was very hard to manage by the client. We proposed a tailor-made solution without using multisite. We have set up a single website in WordPress for both of the niches of his business.

Here are the main highlights of custom work done on the website.

  1. Custom product pages and products tabs – According to the requirement of the client, we have created custom product pages and custom product data tabs to showcase detailed information like descriptions and specifications of the products.
  2. Custom breadcrumbs for pages: We have created custom breadcrumbs for all category and product pages so the visitor can understand the website hierarchy and keep themselves updated about the path of their visit.
  3. Custom Cart, order, and checkout page: To make the checkout and order process easier for the customers we created custom pages for the cart, order detail page, and checkout page with required functions.
  4. Enhanced Functionality: To provide a more fluent and more effortless experience to the visitors we have created custom functionality for various tasks like we have created various product filters, brochures, and PDF download buttons, created custom shortcodes to Mega Menu for mobile and desktop.
  5. Use of Cookies: We used cookies for an enhanced and hassle-free experience for users. Cookies keep track of the settings when you visit a website. And cookies help visitors to browse the website with the same setting with respect to his last session.


After all the hustle and days of hard work, we created a great and polished e-commerce store at a very pocket-friendly budget. The website highly converting loved by visitors and fully for search engines as well.

We used Advanced Custom Fields to create custom functionality. It enables visitors to browse the website in a more convenient way.

If you are the one who is looking for the same custom development solutions, then get in touch with us today and avail our expert and affordable custom website development solutions.